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How does window film provide energy benefits? Find out here!

Monday 10 November, 2014:

One of the great benefits of window tint is that it can provide energy savings.  This is true for both cars and buildings, including your home.

Energy benefits in the car:

When applied to car windows, window tint reduces the load on the air-conditioning because it shields the heat from entering through the glass and heating up the inside of the vehicle.  It’s job is to reflect solar energy back outside.  The diagrams below show how, 50% of solar energy is rejected compared to 8% when the windows aren’t tinted.

It’s been identified that car window films can deliver a saving of up to 30% in cooling/air-conditioning usage.  

Window Film Energy Savings Diagram

Energy savings for the home or office:

In the case of homes and offices, window film’s energy savings equate to about 10-15% reduction in annual electricity costs.

Compared to electricity & gas costs, as well as other alternatives such as double glazing, window film is an inexpensive (and immediate) solution for home energy efficiency.  It’s also a more environmentally friendly option!

5 reasons to consider window film:

  1. It’s inexpensive:  compared to other alternatives the cost savings are significant, and window film is a long-term solution for temperature control, privacy, and security.
  2. It looks good:  window tint comes in different shades, and can even be used as a decorative feature!  Check out our decorative film range.
  3. It offers safety & security:  Not only does window film keep glass shards together in the event of an accident, it also helps prevent potential break-ins.  One of the films in our range is called Unbreakable, which is 7 times thicker than standard film.
  4. No mess or hassle installation:  With window film, there is no need to remove the glass or tamper with your home or office’s framework. Although window film needs to be installed by a professional, it’s so much easier and quicker than other alternatives.
  5. It’s versatile: Window film can be used to shield occupants from heat, UV rays and glare…it’s a great security measure, offers privacy while still allowing light to enter through the window…plus, it can be a decorative feature for your space!

With 6 different car tints to choose from, we’re sure to have a solution for you.  Check out our car tinting range.

Want to see how window film can be applied to areas of the home or office? View our photo gallery.


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