Tac Desktop Home Tint 4Seasons

New Age of Home Insulation

  • Almost block out of damaging UVA/UVB rays from entering your home - 4 Seasons will help to prevent premature fading of carpets and furnishings.
  • With 4 Seasons, in most cases you’ll benefit from better results than double glazing, and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Two shades of tint available. 4 Seasons 35 for a darker look with max heat rejection or 4 Seasons 50 for a lighter looking film maintaining a high insulation value.

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Tac Desktop Home Tint Solar

Stop Heat & Glare

  • Your home stays cooler during the summer
  • You'll save on power bills and use the air-con less
  • Dramatic UV reduction for ultimate protection
  • Reduces fading of your furnishings
  • Perfect for commercial applications to reduce glare on computer or TV screens
  • Increases the comfort of the space

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Tac Desktop Home Tint Decorative

Customised Designs

  • Enhance the look & feel of your home with decorative film
  • Design customisation available, you're only limited by your imagination
  • Add a fresh element of design to your home
  • Use as a non-permanent solution to decorate kids rooms
  • Create privacy between spaces with frosted film

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Tac Desktop Home Tint Security

Stay Safe

  • Safety & Security film holds shattered glass together should it break, preventing injury
  • Get peace of mind when your children are playing near windows
  • Strengthens glass making it harder for intruders to enter 
  • Clear, sun control and tinted options available

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Tac Desktop Home Tint Intro

Shelley Craft For Tint a Home

“My philosophy in life is not to miss the beautiful moments.
Whether those are the small milestones that my daughters reach as they grow or time spent with family and friends, the greatest memories always seem to come back to the family home.
I am so pleased to showcase such a wide range of home tinting options that add value to any home and lifestyle.
Let’s find the perfect window films for you and your family that enhance every beautiful moment.”

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