Pay for your purchase in installments and pay NO INTEREST!

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Interest Free Payments

Tint a Car ezi-pay express allows you to have Tint, Wrap & Paint Protection and pay for them over time in installments and you'll pay NO INTEREST! Take these 3 easy steps:

1. Enter the amount you want to spend
2. Enter the amount you'd like to deposit
3. Enter your preferred loan period

Deposit amount
Over how many months?

Your approximate fortnightly repayments are: That comes to: a day.
(includes $30 application fee).



Tint a Car ezi-pay is designed as a risk free payment plan with a 1 page online application, 30 second authorisation and 96.5% approval rate. With a discounted $30 application fee for existing customers, there's no better way to cover your repayments.

Purchase more than one product with ezi-pay!

Say you have a budget of $400 to spend, with NO INTEREST ezi-pay you could leave the store with for example, Tint, Wrap and Paint Protection! How? The $400 was converted into a 10% deposit to finance your purchases! 30 second authorisation, quick approval & your driving out with everything you wanted in one visit! 

Applying made ezi

The store will assist you with the online application to gain quick authorisation and contract completion. 

  • It's Fast, easy and there will be less mistakes
  • No authorisation calls required
  • Pre-printed contracts - No more handwriting
  • No need to fax contracts 
  • No Interest EVER!

What ezi-pay customers think?

83% Said they would use the Certegy ezi-pay service again

86% Rated the entire ezi-pay experience as positive!

92% Said their Certegy ezi-pay financing experience was positive

96% Said they would recommend the Certegy ezi-pay service to others

Who is Certegy ezi-pay?

A leading provider of retail payment plans. Operating since 1989 and part of the ASX listed FlexiGroup, Certegy offers a No Interest Ever, Direct Debit payment plan called Certegy Ezi-Pay Express and a revolutionary layby payment plan called Certegy Lay-Buy Express. 

Flexigroup, the parent company of Certegy Exi-Pay, provides a range of payment options for cunsumers ranging from rental, rent to own, direct debit payment plans and personal loans. Combined, these services are provided across 11,000 retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand reaching over 1 million consumers per year.