Sirius Car Care Products

Easy Maintenance for Long Term Protection.

If you’re a car cleaning enthusiast, you’ll love our range of DIY car care products. Offering the best in car protection ranging from interior surface protection to car and tyre wash, your car will always look its best!


TAC Fabric Protection Mockup 100X135

Sirius Fabric Protection. 

Offering a layer of protection to your vehicle's fabric surfaces, Sirius Fabric Protection provides a stain-proof barrier against any spills and marks, and protects against surface discolouration caused by UV rays. 

TAC Vinyl And Leather Protection Mockup 100X135

Sirius Vinyl & Leather Protection. 

Specially formulated to enhance and protect vinyl and leather surfaces, to protect against cracking and drying.  Leather surfaces maintain their softness, and vinyl is protected from harsh UV rays. 

TAC Tyre Black Mockup 100X135

Sirius Darkest Legal Tyres. 

Reduces UV damage and contains moisturisers to help prevent tyres from cracking, fading, and drying out. The level of gloss to suit individual requirements can be adjusted by simply applying extra coats.


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