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Car Surface Protection

  • Ultimate protection for your cars interior and exterior surfaces
  • Extreme hardness and ultimate durability
  • 4 times more durable than any quartz based product
  • Revolutionary higloss finish
  • Protects against bird and bat droppings, bugs and sap
  • Specialised interior technology bonds to individual fibres
  • Protection against spills and stains
  • Pricing starting from $895


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Invisible Film Protection

  • Near invisible film that protects against stone chips, scratches and scrapes!
  • Wear 'n' Tear Pack covers door handle cups, door edges and rear bumper sill. Protecting the areas that get the most contact
  • Seals in paint protected surfaces for a long lasting shine
  • Scratch and crack-resistant with a high gloss finish

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Paint Protection

  • An intense shine that will last a lifetime*
  • Low maintenance - once only application!
  • Clear coating that’s resistant to tree sap and bird poo
  • Enhanced with UV protectants to prevent fading and premature aging
  • Hydrophobic coating - virtually self cleaning!
  • Coating warranted against fade and loss of gloss* 

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DIY Car Care Products

  • DIY Sirius Car Protection products help you protect your car against the elements
  • Sirius Fabric Protection 250ml
  • Sirius Vinyl & Leather Protection 250ml  
  • Sirius Stain Remover 125ml
  • Sirius Darkest Legal Tyres 250ml 
  • Sirius Car Shampoo 250ml
  • Sirius Dry Wash Shampoo 250ml 
  • Sirius Sparkling Clean Alloys 250ml

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Windscreen Protector

  • Enhances visibility & safety while driving
  • Cleaner glass for longer, with a simple wash-down
  • Sealant coating repels dirt & water
  • Proven & tested product

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The Perfect Present

It's the perfect present for when you're not sure what to get someone. It can be spent on anything in our extensive range of car, home or office tinting or car protection products!

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*Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply. 

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