While most people consider physical precautions such as security systems and alarms when looking at how to protect your home, window protection film is one aspect that is often overlooked. With up to 7 times the thickness of standard window film, Tint a Car’s range of protective window film is an excellent way of improving your home’s security.

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Protective Film

With an exceptionally strong bond, glass protection film could help hold the glass together in the event of it being shattered (such as in the event of forced entry). This means that the film will help reduce the amount of shrapnel spread on impact, keeping you and your family safer.

Our window protection film also comes with supreme UV protection properties. This helps reduce the effects of UV rays (such as fading and discolouration) on your furniture and carpets, helping your home’s contents look newer for longer.

The House Window Tinting Range:

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Solar Window Film

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Decorative Window Film

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Safety & Security Film

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Anti-Graffiti Window Film

New Look Enerlogic

EnerLogic Window Films

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