Automotive window tinting has many benefits – one of the most distinct benefits tintingcar windows is its ability to reduce heat build-up in your car cabin, making your ride cooler and more comfortable during those hot summer days. Another important aspect of window tints is its ability to reduce glare, resulting in less eye strain and increased visibility, resulting in a safer drive.

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Tint a Car stocks a wide range of window tint films; with options ranging from the darkest legal tint film to clear and fully transparent tint film available for you to choose from, you’re guaranteed to be able to pick the right tint that matches your lifestyle. And with professional tools and equipment at our disposal, we install automotive tint film on virtually any car, van or ute.

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Speak to your local Tint a Car dealer for an individual consultation on selecting the right car tint for your requirements. With year of experience in the car tinting industry, our team of experts are guaranteed to be able to help you pick the right film for your individual needs.

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