The Advantages

If you’re thinking about getting your car windows tinted, trust Tint a Car to have the job done right. With many years’ experience in the automotive tinting industry, we are amongst the most preferred tint film providers in Australia.

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Sungard Window Films

With a large collection of film available for you to choose from, there’s a tint for virtually any budget! But buying a budget tint doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. For example, even our most basic films are often compared to bigger brands such as Solar Gard window films and Sungard window films – rated as some of the best films in the industry. And much like brands such as Solar guard window tint, our range features:

  • Low reflection and exceptional optical clarity for a sharper and clearer view
  • High durability and resistance from scratching
  • Excellent heat rejection properties and up to 99% UV reduction

Local Dealer

And as with brands such as Solar Gard, most of the films in our range come with a limited lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that a tint by Tint a Car is a tint for life! Speak to our friendly staff about your tint needs. We’re more than happy to walk you through the collection and help you pick a film to suit your lifestyle needs. 

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