To find out how much it is to tint windows, you’ll need to get a quote based on the tint you choose. However, we offer professional tinting starting from just $295 for cars and prices starting from $250 per room for home window tinting. Below is information on the different window tints we have available so you know what tint to get a quote for when determining how much is it to tint a window. 

Tint a Car specialises in window tinting, has been providing tinting services in Australia for 40+ years and is Australia’s most trusted window tinting network. Here are the tints we have available so you can choose a tint type and find out how much is it to tint windows: 

Car Window Tint Types

So you can find out how much is it to tint a window, here are the tints you can choose from.


  • For the ultimate privacy, this is our darkest legal tint
  • Blocks both heat & glare but also 99% of UV rays providing solar protection
  • Two dark coloured films to choose from, both of which are exclusive to us
  • Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on this film


  • Uses innovative ceramic technology that provides superior infrared heat rejection
  • Fade-resistant
  • Doesn’t interfere with your in-vehicle technology
  • Exclusive to us
  • Has a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty

High Octane

  • Up to 4 times thicker than standard film
  • Darkest legal safety tint 
  • Rejects 54% of solar energy
  • Helps prevent smash & grabs by holding shattered glass shards together
  • Two dark shades available, exclusive to us 
  • Has a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty

Formula One

  • Provides UPF50+ protection
  • Maximum heat & glare rejection whilst maintaining crystal clear views
  • This film is exclusive to us and has a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty

Find Out How Much Is It To Tint A Window

Once you have determined what tint you would like to choose, use our Store Finder to find your local store and speak with your local tinting experts about how much it is to tint a window. 

Alternatively, call 13TINT to speak with our friendly customer service team if you have any questions.

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