Window tinting is nothing new, but has seen a dramatic increase in popularity as of late. Most people would agree that window tinting looks great, but they know little more than this. You wouldn’t invest in a home without learning all that you can about the home, and you shouldn’t with window tinting either.

Below are some of the common myths concerning window tinting. These are myths that a large portion of the world believes to be true, but simply because they don’t know any better. We’re here to put an end to these myths and spread the good word about a good, professional window tinting.

All Window Tints Are Created Equal

With a typical piece of clear glass, it’s safe to assume there is a visible light transmission (VLT) of 100 percent. This might not always be the case, but it would be an ideal world, which is where science occurs in the mind of the engineers who design the glass. Back on point, if normal clear glass has a VLT of 100 percent, then most cars have a VLT around 75 percent. This is because manufacturers realise that even slight tinting of the glass can reduce the heat inside the vehicle drastically.

Professional window tinting takes things a step further by adding another layer of protection on top of this glass, but not all window tints are created equal. Anytime you’re shopping for window tinting, pay close attention to the particular VLT of the tint. Some shades will allow more light while others will allow less.  This VLT is based off of a clear glass percentage, so you might need to do a little math to figure out precise numbers in your case.

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Window Tinting is Illegal on Street Cars

Actually, window tinting is legal in most countries, including here in Australia. That being said, there are certain codes, laws, and regulations that every citizen must follow if they want their windows tinted within the limits of the law. There is a certain VLT that the vehicle must maintain at all times. This is to protect drivers from poor vision. Some countries also prohibit windows that can be tinted. Make sure you are familiar with local laws before hiring a professional.

If installed within the confines of the law and by a professional, window tinting can add value to any vehicle. Tinting your windows could make your vehicle look twice as good and stay twice as cool.

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