Get the look of a frosted window with our frosted films, without actually replacing the glass. Our window films are simple to apply, or you can get one of our professionals here to do it.

Create a modern environment in your office or home, simply by covering windows or glass with frosted film, instantly creating a new and innovative atmoshere.

Not only that, but the increased privacy levels that come along with frosted film, can be the same levels as our quality window tints.

frosted film

Keep your windows looking fresh and modern, but still providing some levels of privacy for your home or office. Using frosted film is a very cost effective alternative to actually having your windows frosted. And yet provides the same look and feel.

If you're interested in our frosted films, you might also find our safety and security window films might be another interest for you. More targeted to creating nvisible barrier to protect your home and your family in the event of glass breakage and helps prevent potential break-ins.

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