Safety and security is one of the biggest concerns people have. We all want our home to be safe and protected from harm as much as possible. Tint a Car’s Safety and Security films are up to 10x thicker than the standard films, which means they won’t shatter when hit with force.

Not only are these films useful to be placed at the entry points of your home, but also on your shopfront or office.

Anti -graffiti -film

The Benefits of Window Tinting:

If your main concern is graffiti, then we have a graffiti prevention strategy for you. It is an absolute pain when your property has been defaced with graffiti, plus the costs associated to install a replacement.

Tint a Car offer an anti graffiti film which can be applied seamlessly on top of glass. If and when it has been vandalised, the anti graffiti film can simply be removed and reapplied. With this film, it can save you from the stress and anxiety that comes with property vandalism; not to mention it’ll be saving you money too!

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