House Window Tinting - Perth

House window tinting perth

House window tinting gives your home a beautiful modern look, and when combined with the benefits of privacy and energy efficiency, it is an ideal cost-effective option for window upgrades. Tint a Car offers a complete range of options for house window tinting in Perth, which means that we can help you find the perfect solution for your house – balancing your budget while still offering you the very best in homewindow tinting.

Benefits of House Window Tinting Perth

Large windows, glass doors and other glass features have become popular features of most modern house designs due to the increased light entering, adding to the feeling of spaciousness in your living spaces. However, this could sometimes sacrifice some of your privacy, particularly in bedrooms or bathrooms, which is why Tint a Car offers window tinting for homes – aiming to overcome this problem while still maintaining the many benefits of large glass windows! Our range of window tinting films is specifically designed to increase your privacy, while still allowing an uninterrupted view of your environment from inside.

House Window Tinting Perth

These home window tint films also maximize the amount of visible light passing through

Despite the warm summers, winter lows can be relatively cold in Perth. To ensure your house is energy efficient year round, the revolutionary technology in EnerLogic window films combines the benefits during summer with significant insulating abilities in winter. EnerLogic window films enhance the insulating abilities of your windows by up to 92%, reducing the demand for heating during winter.

Options for House Window Tinting Perth

Tint-a-Car offer a complete range of options for house window tinting in Perth, from solar films that block up to 79% of solar heat and 99% of UV rays, to EnerLogic window films that effectively provide an upgrade to double-glazed windows for a fraction of the cost. We also have options for addition safety and security, and decorative window film ideal for modern internal design.

To talk through the best options for your house window tinting in Perth, find a store near you and our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to help you.