Tips from Shelley Craft

Going into a new season and want to spruce up your living spaces with some interior decorating? Here are a few simple tips to transform any area of the home: 

  • Get a few new cushions or throw rugs:
    Adding a pop of colour with a new cushion or two, and draping a throw over the couch or bed can really change the whole space and provide some interesting features to a room. These easy additions can really create a more inviting and comforting feel, and it can really add that on-trend style which is interchangeable with the seasons!
  • Add a statement piece:
    Whether it be a mirror on the wall, or a lamp or light fitting, or even a piece of artwork, adding a piece of furniture that demands attention can create a really stylish space. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you’re a savvy shopper, you can find trendy pieces and even replica items that don’t have to break the bank.
  • Consider a decorative window film as a feature on windows or even walls:
    What’s really great about window film is that it can be computer cut into a pattern or customised design and applied to a window, glass door or even a wall…and it provides a really unique look to your home. It not only acts as a design feature but can be functional too, like providing privacy! 

- Shelley


Need some home renovation ideas? Consider window tint!

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient and save on power bills, or you’re looking for that unique look to wow guests when they come to visit, choose to have window film installed at your place.

Home window tint can offer so many benefits, and it can make your home look sleek. Here’s how: 

  • Window tint can reduce heat entering through glass areas by up to 79%
  • Tint provides a really nice finish to windows that helps to stop glare while still allowing natural light to come through
  • It reduces the amount of UV rays from beaming through windows
  • It can also help improve insulation, which is great for getting the most out of the air conditioner in summer, and it helps to trap the warmth in on those cold, wintery days!
  • What’s really great about window film is that you can incorporate frosted film into areas like bathrooms and it can act as a privacy screen…OR create a really unique feature in your home by having a customised design printed onto film! Take a look through the gallery to see what can be achieved with film. 

Take it from me, window tint provides that finishing touch to a home to really provide that sleek look, and what’s best is that it can lower your home’s running costs!

- Shelley


Looking for curtains or blinds for your home? Take a look at Tint a Home window film range first!

Window tint is a really great alternative to curtains and blinds for some areas of the home. Providing great daytime privacy, window tint means you can enjoy the natural light entering your windows and not fear that people are peering inside your home.

And, for those areas where you don’t want to have heavy curtains or harsh blinds interrupting your view, consider window tint - it allows you to keep your windows clear of draping fabric, for that clean modern look. 

You can choose from frosted opaque film or even have a custom design pattern or image applied to your windows. Take a look through our gallery of decorative films to see what others have done, and to help inspire you the inner interior decorator in you!

- Shelley