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Because we're so certain of our workmanship and product quality!

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Lifetime Warranty

We now offer Lifetime Warranties on automotive and home tints! This gives you complete peace of mind.

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Why Choose Tint a Car

Tint a Car can protect you and your car. Here are 15 reasons why you should choose Tint a Car.

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Octane. The darkest legal window tint.

$100 OFF Octane

Keep cool, look cool and SAVE $100 with Octane window tint.  
But hurry, this offer won't last forever! 

Find your nearest store to book in your tint.

The benefits

  • Darkest legal tint
  • Maximum glare, heat & UV protection
  • Ultimate looks and privacy
  • Lifetime Nationwide Warranty*
  • This film is exclusive to Tint a Car

Unleash your dark side - perfect for when looks are important

Octane Window Tint keeps you cool in the driver’s seat and protected from heat, glare and UV. 

Protect your new tint

Protect your new tint with Tint a Car's Window Tint Cleaner,
a formula designed to clean tough road grime, dirt and oil
from your windows and leave you with a streak-free view
for maximum visibility.

Tint a Car's Window Tint Cleaner available in-store only.
To find your nearest store, click here 

       TAC Window Tint Cleaner Bottle Mock Up Sml

Earn QANTAS Frequent Flyer points and MYERone points when you purchase this product. 
Qantas Frequent Flyer - LightMYERone - light


*Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

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