30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because we're so certain of our workmanship and product quality!

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Lifetime Warranty

We now offer Lifetime Warranties on automotive and home tints! This gives you complete peace of mind.

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Why Choose Tint a Car

Tint a Car can protect you and your car. Here are 15 reasons why you should choose Tint a Car.

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Car Wrapping

Second Skin Car Wrapping

From partial to full wraps, the choice is as unique as you are. Choose Second Skin, exclusive to Tint a Car.

30 Day Guarantee

Giving you Peace of Mind

Quality product and workmanship.

Choose Enerlogic Films

Choose EnerLogic Films

Save energy this winter and lower your heating costs. Have revolutionary EnerLogic installed in your home.

Cta Warranty

Warranty Registration

Have you made a recent purchase at any Tint a Car store? Don't forget to register your warranty online today!

Cta Book

Book Online

Enjoy the convenience of our online booking system. Simply select your preferred date and time and we'll do the rest!

Cta Home

home tinting

Did you know that 40% of heat in the home goes out the windows? Home & Office window tinting from Tint a Car.

What's Vinyl Car Wrapping?

So you’ve heard all the cool kids talking about bringing the cool to their car with Second Skin Vehicle wraps or vinyl wraps. So what is it? How much does it cost? And how will it make my car look unique?

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Tint a Car Team Riding 360km for Charity

On 8th March 2014 the Tint a Car team will be embarking on a 360km bike journey over 3 days, from Perth to Busselton, for a wonderful cause - to raise money for ‘Life Cycle For CanTeen'...but we need your help!

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